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Blog – August 2016

Jeff was hired by Deslaurier Custom Cabinets as a Design Support person in 2003 after graduating from the Civil Engineering program at Canadore College.  Jeff has now been a Customer Service Representative in the Distribution Sales department for the last 10 years and has had the pleasure of managing distribution sales leads as well as several larger high rise towers in both Ottawa and Boston.


Expanding Your Marketplace – How A Dealer Network Can Work For You!


So you want to buy a kitchen. Where do you start? Well, if you’re like everyone else, the first thing you do is “Google” it. Who is in your area? What do they offer? Do they have a website? Can I see pictures and testimonials of some of the jobs they have done? Do they have a physical showroom so I can look at product? Do they have a designer on staff? 

There are a lot of questions that race through your head as you start looking for a new kitchen. How, as a manufacturer, can you tap into the vast marketplace that the internet has allowed a business access to? It’s one thing to get them looking, but it’s another to be able to actually deliver them your product!

Kitchen cabinets aren’t like everything else you see for sale on the internet. You can’t just make a few clicks, type in your credit card number and voila, there is your new kitchen. You need to find a good designer and a good renovator for starters. You can offer a great product, but if the end client can’t find anyone who can put the “package” together, then what good is the end product? While we have the ability to sell to the Ottawa valley, we ask ourselves how, as a Manufacturer, can we take that great product and make it available to a larger demographic? The answer, as they call it in the kitchen industry, is a ‘Dealer Network’. 

What is a “dealer” you say?

The dealer is, in essence, an extension of Deslaurier Custom Cabinets. Another business or designer that is located in a different area that can work as an extension of your own business. They may already be an established company or a new start up. They have their own designers, installers, renovators and connections to their local market. We make a point to ensure that we select dealers and designers that hold the same standards and values as we hold ourselves. Throughout the years we have become a part of some 40+ dealers throughout Ontario and the US, and take pride in the relationships we have developed with them. We take the extra time and effort to ensure that the end customer, even if not buying directly from Deslaurier, ends up with the same quality kitchen that our own direct clients have come to know and expect. We go to great lengths to ensure that we help the dealer be as successful as possible in everything they do.

How has the dealer network helped make Deslaurier better?

Not only does the dealer sell our product, but they also help us to grow and evolve. Not all marketplaces have the same trends and tastes as the next. A popular shaker door in one market may be a flat high gloss door in the next. We welcome the diversity each marketplace brings and welcome suggestions to expand our product offerings to suit their needs. It could be a new door style, a new color, or accessories that a client may have seen while browsing the internet.  It is this openness that allows us to be in front of the trends and allows us to bring new ideas to life. The kitchen design world is an ever evolving place and as we grow and develop our dealers, the better equipped we (and they) will be going forward. 

So while our dealers may not carry our name, you can rest assured that they will deliver your dream kitchen, just as so many of our local/direct clients have come to know and love.

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