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Blog – July 2016

Deslaurier specializes in creating custom cabinetry in harmony with today’s varied lifestyles. It’s been our passion for more than 35 years. With a reputation for excellence, we know cabinetry.


Your New Kitchen and/or Baths – Not As Easy As 1/2/3…  🚗


One might think that the purchase of kitchen and/or bath cabinetry is as easy as 1/2/3. If you fall into that category, we’d be inclined to inform you otherwise. In some cases it can be, but in most cases it’s not. There are a plethora of options when it comes to your new cabinetry and we’ll go the extra mile to educate you as to what options are available for you, and which of those options best suit your needs and budget.

Often times in the industry you’ll hear ‘new car’ analogies or comparisons. Allow us to elaborate – On one end of the spectrum you have the smaller sized economy classed vehicle and on the other end you have a full sized luxury classed automobile, not to mention the classes in between. Implicitly, with different classes come different options and different price tags. Where you fit on the spectrum is dependent upon many things: your taste, your needs, your wants and your budget, to name a few. Cabinetry is no different. Your Deslaurier Designer will take all of that (and more) into account when helping you select your new cabinetry. Most of those elements are within your control, but there are other factors that play into your new cabinetry which are sometimes outside of your control, like the size of the space that the new cabinetry will occupy or the appliances you already have/will purchase.

At Deslaurier we put the US in custom. There are a number of avenues you can take to achieve that customization of your new cabinetry – from custom cabinets, to accessories and gadgets, to layout configuration, to options.  The latter is perhaps the low hanging fruit, the one we emphasize the most. You don’t need any wildly custom cabinets or fancy accessories to achieve that custom look; sometimes the details are in the options and are right in front of you. How you ask? How can I take a simple layout with standardly offered boxes and get that custom look? To that, we say options! To give you a brief overview, Deslaurier offers two cabinet lines: our traditional line and our modern line. Our traditional line boasts, for example, over 130 door styles, over 40 standard stain options, over 25 standard paint options, 12 species, over 10 drawer track systems (with several additional options within each), hundreds of hardware choices and hundreds of countertop choices. We mean it, sometimes the details are in the options! This can be overwhelming for some and that’s why we have trained design staff to guide you at every step of the way. And, if you want those custom built cabinets and fancy accessories, we’ll certainly help you with that as well.

Before you finalize everything, you need to shop.  Akin to what you’d decipher before purchasing an automobile, you need to determine your options and what accessories (if any) you’d like to add to your cabinetry. What colour of car do I want, what colour of cabinets do I want? Do I want power locks, cruise control, and air conditioning? Do I want soft close drawers, cutlery/spice inserts, and larger uppers? Cabinetry is not a car but it’s much in the same. How many family members need to fit in the vehicle, how many family members need to sit at this island? Do you drive your vehicle, on average, a lot? Do you cook and/or entertain a lot? Is this your first vehicle? Is this a starter home? There are some distinct and eerie similarities, and by now you get the picture.

Know that you need to come in armed with a basic idea of what you want, but understand that there are trained professionals here at every step of the way to guide you and ensure that your requirements and necessities are met. Those same professionals are also here to help you navigate all of the aforementioned options, from colour, to species, to door style, so on and so forth.

It’s true, it’s not as easy as 1/2/3, but we’ll be here to help you at every step of the way. Why? Because we are Deslaurier Custom Cabinets and we know cabinetry.

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