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Blog – June 2015

Gina is a 20 year veteran of the industry and has been with Deslaurier since 2002.  Gina is an Interior Designer by trade, and offers full service design. She has won numerous awards with the OCHBA and was, most recently, a 2015 Best of Houzz – Service award winner.


Creating The Dream…

The ubiquitous kitchen – The heart of the home. Seldom is a room in any home more lived in. The kitchen is the workhorse of the home. The meeting and gathering place, where families build bonds and enjoy friends’ company.

Over the years, the kitchen has morphed from a secluded room at the back of the house, to a room of central prominence. Gone are the days of 30” uppers and golden oak cabinet doors. The kitchen has, in most cases, evolved into a grandiose space; taking up one of the largest portions of a home’s budget, when renovating or building new. Open concepts have dictated that kitchens must now become more like furniture. They are often the stepping stone to the rest of a home’s design and décor.

Along with today’s technology, web sites like Houzz and Pinterest offer up an enormous amount of ideas and information, making kitchen design one of the most coveted areas of residential design. It can also make it one of the most complicated, as well! Homeowners are now able to research more and assist designers in creating the space of their dreams.

We are now able to produce amazing 3D rendered drawings that can show a client what their prospective kitchen will look like. Long gone are the days of hand drawn pencil line drawings, which often leave room for error and interpretation. Clients can now see what their finished space will actually look like, before completion. Technology is even available where clients can do virtual walk through tours of the space.

Watching a client come in with their hopes and dreams, and helping make them a reality, is a very special and rewarding job. Every space is different, and each has its own challenges and unique character.  Often, from a very rough hand drawn sketch, we are required to guide clients to the right products, and design a layout that fulfills their needs, budget, and dreams. Not always an easy feat!

There is such a great sense of accomplishment at the end of a project, to walk a client through and see how excited they are at the end result. Often a kitchen renovation is a huge undertaking for most people: financially and emotionally, but it always comes down to “It was sooooo worth it!” at the end.

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