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Blog – March 2018

Andrea has worked in the design field for approximately 17 years, after earning her Interior Design Diploma from Algonquin College. Andrea has built and sold two custom homes that were featured in Ottawa Interiors Magazine in 2008 and 2011. Andrea returned to Deslaurier recently, after a 13 year hiatus where she explored custom home design and later worked closely with developers in the commercial and hospitality sectors.


Back In Black…  Is Black The New Stainless?

If you are in the market for new kitchen appliances – take note; a colour revolution is going on in the appliance industry. Stainless Steel has been the number one seller in appliances for as long as I can remember but things are changing, as consumers are growing tired of traditional stainless and are hence looking for something new. “Black is the new Stainless” according to Wolf and General Electric, and is one of the strongest appliance trends in over a decade, they say.

Black stainless steel makes a bold addition to any kitchen. The unique look of black stainless gives you an opportunity to do something different in your kitchen but still keep the clean, professional stainless steel look. The soft, brushed metal of the black stainless is often offset by chrome and satin metals, for a striking effect. Black stainless steel appliances are not only for the daring or the brave, but for everyone, evidenced by the fact that appliances of this finish are finding their way into everyday kitchens. All major mainstream brands seem to be on board and each have their own unique finish ranging from Miele’s glossy black glass, to a softer version of black called “Black Slate” from GE (which is closer to charcoal grey). Bosch also offers a unique black with a horizontal grain, giving it texture and depth.

The pros:

  • Black Stainless is new and on-trend, giving you a cutting-edge look and allowing your kitchen to stand out.
  • Easily cleaned, as the finish is less prone to fingerprints and smudges.
  • Available with stainless steel handles for contrast (certain manufacturers only).
  • All major appliance brands have their own unique version of this finish to offer.
  • Black stainless appliances pair beautifully with today’s most popular kitchen cabinetry colors: white and grey.

The cons:

  • Color variations exist amongst the different manufacturers, therefore appliances are harder to match across brands.
  • Certain brands have had issues with chipping of the finish.
  • Black stainless is a new color that is somewhat untested in the marketplace.

Is it the right choice for you?

As with any big purchase, it’s important to do your research beforehand. If you are tired of stainless or want to be on the cutting edge, then I think black stainless appliances are a great alternative. Black stainless offers up something new, yet since black is still a neutral color, it is a safer choice than going with an actual color that you may tire of in the future. Depending on your kitchen cabinetry, the black stainless may just be the right choice to breathe new life into an existing kitchen or take things to the next level in a brand new kitchen. Personally, I am on board with the trend and if I were in the market for new appliances I would definitely be purchasing black stainless steel.

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