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Blog – October 2015

Amanda has been with Deslaurier since 2006.   She began as a part-time receptionist and eventually transitioned, after a year, into the role of a Designer.  Amanda's focus has been retail renovations and new homes since her design inception in 2007.  She now works specifically with Inverness Homes, Glenview Homes, and many other Contractors, while still maintaining various retail work.


How To Start Organizing Your New Space

A kitchen renovation isn’t always about having a more beautiful space.  It is just as important to create a functional/practical space.  With a busy life, having an organized space makes everyone’s time more efficient and creates a more relaxed environment.

If you are looking to address the functionality of the space, the best way to start is to do an inventory of what you have in your current kitchen.  Have 3 totes on hand; one for purging, one for items you use occasionally/seasonally, and the third for everyday items that are frequently used and are a must in the new kitchen. 

Purge – Over the years we all accumulate items in the kitchen that are never used, whether it be hand-me-down appliances to start out in your first home, or wedding gifts that are never opened.  These items are pushed to the back of the cabinet to collect dust – so why waste that valuable space? Get rid of it! Give it to a friend, have a garage sale, or make a trip to the local thrift store.

Occasional – Whether it is the big turkey roaster, or Grandma's Christmas dishes, these items are necessities, but pulled out only a few times a year.  Depending on your available space, and your home, you may have another area that you can store these items.  If they are able to fit in the new kitchen, look for the appropriate space.  Corners are large cabinets that are great for storage of items you don’t need to access regularly, but need close by.  

Frequently used items – These are the must haves in the kitchen!  That gorgeous carving set? Perfect pot and pan set? Espresso machine?  These are the items that should be noted and discussed with your designer if you are looking to have specific organizing solutions incorporated into your new kitchen. 

Food for thought…

I always like to dedicate areas to certain items.  For example, if you like to bake, create a baking station where you have all of your supplies in one area.  If the space is well organized, it makes the task at hand much more relaxing and enjoyable.   

If you love to cook with spices and oils, there are endless options for storage solutions.  I like pull-outs next to the range that make spices/oils/cooking utensils easily accessible.  This will maximize your prep space and minimize clutter on the counter.

Create a kids zone.  If you have young kids, create a low area where they can access their dishes, help set the table, or even simply reach their own snacks.  It not only helps you out, but makes them feel more confident and independent! 

Your kitchen designer is not only here to help you create a beautiful kitchen, but a functional space.  Knowing how you use your kitchen and your tools of choice is the first step to building your dream kitchen.

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