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5 Must Have Kitchen Storage Accessories

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we’re all left feeling a little disorganized. While our kitchen was the center stage during our holiday parties and gatherings, it’s left looking a little too lived in.  

The good news is, a new year brings a fresh start, and for many, a new and improved kitchen. Whether you’re planning a kitchen reno or simply want to make the heart of your home more functional for the year ahead, storage accessories should be a top consideration for your 2020 kitchen goals.

Storage is more than just organizing the clutter in your kitchen. It’s about affordable, modern solutions that can reduce health risks, improve food prep and make cooking and cleaning more efficient.


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Organization is Always Trendy

Fads and trends will come and go as we step into this next decade, but useful and organized spaces will remain timeless. Our cabinets and pantries are designed to be anything but standard, which is why we offer customized storage accessories to help make everyday life easier and make the most out of every square foot in your kitchen.

If you’re ready to tackle your kitchen’s organization needs in 2020, then these 5 must have kitchen storage accessories are for you.

1. Roll-Out Cabinet Shelves

roll out cabinets

First on the list to achieving kitchen organization greatness is the roll-out cabinet shelves. Bending down or kneeling on the hard floor to reach into the back of a lower cabinet only to pull out the wrong item is anything but functional. These roll-out cabinet shelves are the perfect solution to displaying your cabinet contents with ease. No more digging in a dark and compacted cabinet space for the baking powder. Everything you need at your fingertips, with one roll.

2. Tray Dividers

Tray dividers are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional, ensuring your cabinet design makes an efficient use of space and is protected from the scratches or dents that come with a chaotic mess of utensils. Making sure everything has a place in your cabinets is an important and thoughtful element in kitchen design.  Aside from utensil trays, you can also opt to insert a spice tray divider, which will conveniently display your spices when the drawer is pulled out.

3. Magic Corner Cabinet

corner cabinet storage accessory

Third on our list of must have kitchen storage accessories is the Magic Corner unit. This unit is made up of 4 trays which pull out of the corner cabinet and let you have extendable storage. They are useful for larger items like pots and pans and have limited moving parts which prevents them from breaking. Although slightly more expensive than the lazy Susan, they are a better use of limited space as they provide more mobility and functionality, bringing all of the contents of the cabinet out of the darkness so you can see exactly what you have – or didn’t even know you had.

4. Orgaline Plate Holders

plate holder cabinet accessory

This must have kitchen storage accessory is a fan favorite among our clients who value accessibility in the kitchen. The Orgaline plate holder is an ergonomic alternative for storing dishes in lower cabinets, adding comfort and efficiency to your working space. Dishes are securely contained providing protection and can be easily and safely transported from cabinet to table as the holders lift right out of the drawer. Be sure to check with your designer or supplier to ensure your plate holders will fit the dimensions of your cabinets.

5. Wire Spice Pull Outs

pull out spice accessory

The Wire Spice Pull Out is an efficient use of space for a narrow cabinet that you might want to add. The front of the cabinet can be custom made to match the rest of your kitchen cabinets, and the inside will have chrome plated rails to add a modern polish. This pull-out features full extension sides to provide complete stability and prevent spices from moving when pulling the system out of the cabinet.

These must have kitchen storage accessories will help you create a space that is just as efficient as it is beautiful. We are proud to offer a range of custom storage and organizational solutions designed to simplify your kitchen work space. 

We know deciding which solutions are right for you can seem overwhelming. Our design team will guide you through all options, ensuring a high-functioning, clutter-free kitchen that allows you to focus on enjoying the moment.

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