Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Showcase your style with high-quality, custom-made cabinets from Deslaurier, the industry’s market leader for cabinetry design.

Custom-Crafted Kitchen Cabinets

The visual appearance of your home reflects your unique personality. Showcase your style and preferences with high-quality, custom-made cabinets from Deslaurier, the industry’s market leader for cabinetry design. 

Our experienced design team can craft solutions tailored to each customer’s needs and dreams for any kitchen, bathroom, or unique space. Our cabinets are available in a diverse range of materials with long-lasting durability. On top of this, we locally manufacture high-quality millwork using cutting-edge equipment and eco-friendly practices at our state-of-the-art green manufacturing facility in Ontario. 

Showcasing our Quality Cabinet Products & Design

Deslaurier believes in creating custom cabinetry that harmonizes with different lifestyles and the environment. Our team is committed to sustainability by using locally sourced products from cabinetry wood to practices and materials. We try to select Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP) or materials with no added formaldehyde with high-quality finishing products that are mainly water-based for your custom cabinet designs. This means it is less harmful to the environment, our team, and our clients. 

The Main Components of Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet drawers, cabinet boxes, cabinet doors, finishing, staining, and paint.


Durable Drawer Options

When considering cabinet accessories, drawers provide a variety of practical pull-out options to maximize the efficiency of kitchen cabinet space. Various configurations, including the standard three-drawer design, two-drawer setups, or a single large pull-out drawer, are available. For narrow cabinets, opting for convenient pull-out drawers with multiple tiers becomes an excellent solution, allowing organized storage for items like spice racks, cooking oils, and kitchen utensils such as bread knives, spatulas, and whisks.

 Learn more about opting for drawers in your kitchen design.

Tailored Cabinet Boxes & Construction

Cabinet boxes can be categorized into two types: framed or frameless. Many cabinet suppliers, including Deslaurier, mostly use frameless cabinet boxes due to their cost-effectiveness and simplified manufacturing and installation processes. However, in framed cabinet construction, a "face" is created at the front of the cabinet box, enhancing the box's sturdiness, but it obstructs access to the cabinet interior, potentially limiting space utilization. 

Understand these differences when considering custom cabinets.

Design with Peace of Mind

At Deslaurier, we take great pride in the cabinets we create and the projects we complete for our clients. To show our quality, we offer an extensive 20-year warranty by reading the Deslaurier Certificate of Warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your cabinets are built to last for the long haul.

Learn more about our kitchen cabinet warranty

High-Quality Cabinet Doors

Deslaurier offers a variety of door styles in our catalogue, featuring over 70 distinct options that range from raised panel doors and shaker doors to sleek slab doors. You can opt for either five-piece or one-piece construction, and we are always improving and introducing new styles to elevate your home. Some of our door materials and styles also include solid wood, veneer, laminate, MDF, slab, and much more.

Finishes, Stains & Paint Colours

We create custom stains and match colours to ensure our designer achieves the exact look you desire, and they are 100% water-based and VOC-free! In our standard catalogue alone, we offer over 40+ unique cabinet finishes, and we also provide a personalized colour-match service to create distinctly unique cabinet finishes for your custom kitchen. 

 Learn more about our finishing, stains, and cabinet paints for your next project. 

Modern, Traditional, or Transitional Cabinetry

Whether you're a homeowner or a home builder, our design team can tailor each element to your specific taste, whether modern, traditional, or transitional. Knowing your preference among these styles helps ensure that the design aligns with your personal preference, lifestyle, and the overall ambiance you wish to create in your home. 

If you seek a clean and modern look, a timeless and elegant feel, or a versatile blend of both, understanding these design categories facilitates a more informed and satisfying decision-making process. The top three categories for kitchen cabinetry design include;

1. Modern: Offering a sleek and streamlined look typically characterized by sleek lines, minimalistic features, and a focus on functionality.

2. Traditional: Think of a comforting and classic atmosphere that embraces timeless elements, often featuring ornate details and warm, classic finishes. 

3. Transitional: Known as where old meets new, seamlessly blending Modern and Traditional elements, balancing contemporary and classic aesthetics.

View our inspirational showcases that feature these categories and customization, making sure if you can imagine it, Deslaurier can create it. 

Our Skilled Design Team

Deslaurier’s design team, comprised of the industry’s finest kitchen designers collectively bringing over 60 years of experience to the company, is the creative backbone of our success. Your designer will guide you through our extensive catalogue and help you explore the many options of premium cabinet materials, door styles, finishes, and accessories available.

Our in-house design consultants are passionate about crafting one-of-a-kind spaces that fit each homeowner's needs. Kitchens, bathrooms, closets—you name it. They go above and beyond for our clients.

A Testament to Our Kitchen Designers

A kitchen is often the main gathering space for family, friends, and hosting, making it the most used area in a home. When our clients request us for their personalized projects to improve their kitchen space functionality and incorporate unique cabinetry designs, we are always ready for the challenge. Check out what our clients have to say about our Roxy’s Kitchen Project  and see why our designers are our greatest asset for any kitchen project:

Alanna is amazing! She worked with us for several months on the design of our kitchen renovation. She is incredibly patient and professional. If you are looking for designer help with your reno, Alanna definitely has creative ideas and let her know you want them and that you want help! We were very pleased with our experience working directly with Alanna as she was fast, responsive and super patient with our reno/my indecisiveness. Overall, we love our new kitchen and we would highly recommend Alanna as your designer.

Kareyn P.

Create Your Next Kitchen With Custom Kitchen Cabinets


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