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Best Places For Millwork in Ottawa

If you’re looking to build a new home, or planning on renovating your current one, you’ve probably heard the vague term “Millwork” before. 


Maybe you’ve heard it in reference to kitchen cabinets, or perhaps it came up while discussing decorative trim finishes.


But what exactly is millwork? And where do you go for it? 


What if you have a custom project you have your heart set on, but can’t find the right company to create it?


At Deslaurier, we are experts in all things custom cabinetry, and in turn, we are very familiar with millwork.


Many of our clients ask us these same things about millwork, and we'll answer those questions as we take a look at some of the best millwork companies for your needs in the Ottawa area!




What Is Millwork? 


Millwork refers to any finished building products or woodwork that has been produced in a mill. 


Any product that is cut and created in a sawmill will fall under the umbrella term of millwork. Millwork can range from raw natural woods to MDF or synthetic wood alternatives.


What Is Millwork Used For?


Millwork can be utilized for both interior and exterior uses. It can be purely decorative or highly functional, depending on what your needs are.


Common uses for millwork include functional items like kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelving, or furniture, to decorative furnishings like trim, moulding, and so much more!


The diversity in which millwork can be utilized is endless. Some companies will focus strictly on cabinets, desks, and mouldings, while others will be open to a variety of custom, elaborate projects. 


Millwork truly offers endless possibilities for custom design projects. 


A close-up of Deslaurier custom cabinetry

4 Best Companies for Millwork in Ottawa


CutWell Kitchens and Custom Millwork 

Originated in 1945, CutWell Kitchens has been a local family owned and operated business for over 65 years, currently in their third generation of ownership! 


They are a custom millwork shop that produces long lasting, high quality products. Along with kitchens, Cutwell can design and manufacture custom bedroom sets, wall units, closets and more!


With incredibly positive reviews, they currently sit with a sparkling 4.4/5 on their Facebook page! 


What They Offer


Although they specialize in custom kitchens; CutWell offers many other custom products, including: 

  • Custom bathroom vanities
  • Custom wall units
  • Entrance doors
  • Reception desks for commercial buildings
  • Dining tables and home bars
  • Commercial restaurant furniture such as bars, tables and booth seating



Do They Install?


Unfortunately, CutWell does not provide installation services, but they can recommend reputable installers!


Ottawa Location 


13-2584 Edinburgh Place, Ottawa, K1B 5M1


Dimension Cabinet & Millwork INC.


Dimension Cabinet & Millwork INC have been crafting fine cabinetry and woodwork in the greater Ottawa area for nearly three decades. 


They provide design services and work with designers, architects and contractors to execute projects with careful attention to detail.



What They Offer


Dimension’s specialties focus on kitchens and bathrooms, built-ins, furniture, corporate fixtures and interior woodwork.


They offer local in-house manufacturing. This permits greater quality control and attention to detail, allowing for customization of any aspect in the project without significant cost increases. 


If you want to see their work for yourself, they offer clients access to the manufacturing plant to observe the progress of their project as it takes shape!


A great benefit of working with Dimension, is they offer extensive warranties. They fabricate and install products to AWI ( Architectural Woodwork Institute ) and AWMAC ( Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada) standards or better, and pride themselves on their considerable warranty service.


They offer an extensive design process and will work with you from start to finish: 

“In consultation with our client we advise on material and hardware selection as well as finish options. Once a finish is chosen we produce samples for clients to approve; this ensures that our customers are completely satisfied with the end result”



Do They Install? 


They do provide installation services!


Ottawa Location


116-2555 Blackwell Street, Ottawa, ON K1B 4E4


Wicked Millwork 


Wicked Millwork specializes in custom cabinetry, solid wood furniture and finish carpentry in the National Capital Region.


At Wicked Millwork we provide a complete design, build and installation for your custom interior needs. 

We also provide installation services for other millwork, kitchen and general contractor companies in the Ottawa area.


They offer both residential and commercial services. 


What They Offer

Wicked offers a wide selection of residential and commercial services that is guaranteed to meet your millwork needs. 


Got your own unique idea? They are keen to take on any imaginative project you can think of!


Custom Cabinetry: 

Fully custom cabinetry for kitchens, vanities, built-ins, entertainment units, book shelves, closets, laundry & mudrooms.


Wood Furniture: 

Tables, sit & stand office desks, floating shelves, dressers, night stands, and anything you can imagine! 


Finish Carpentry: 

Accent walls, wainscoting, wall paneling, mantels, crown moulding, baseboard & casing.



Reception desks & front counters, restaurant tables & seating, display cabinets and more.



Wicked Millwork offers extensive installation services with every project. From Kitchen cabinetry and wall units, to moulding, baseboards and wainscoting, if you work with Wicked, they will install your projects!  


Design and Consultation

They are with you every step of the way: with in-house measurements, Detailed Sketches, Computer Drawings, and Design Aid services!


Ottawa Location


60 Colonnade Road, Unit G, Nepean, Ontario.


Maple Millwork 


Serving the greater Ottawa area since 2011, Maple Millwork is a certified Cabinetmaker with over 20 years of experience. Quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are their top priority. 


All employees are held to the highest standards, each with a minimum of 5 years of experience. 


What They Offer



Maple Millwork specializes in custom kitchens, vanities, entertainment centers, and built-ins units, as well as custom projects and ideas!


You can even choose from a wide variety of styles and finishes, or have them match what you already have in your home.


They also offer a free quote!



Maple Millwork is also well experienced in commercial millwork applications.


They have provided and installed a wide variety of custom millwork projects for clinics, schools, hotels, retail outlets, offices and more in the Ottawa area!


Design With Deslaurier

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Deslaurier Custom Cabinets is a premier cabinet maker with sky-high standards for the cabinetry we produce. Our mission is to “craft quality & function for a beautiful life”, and our design team leverages 60+ years of know-how to do just that!

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