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How to Design an Organic Modern Kitchen

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Organic modern kitchen design has become increasingly popular and for very good reason. These kitchens have a clean, calm, and beautiful vibe that can easily transition through seasons and a timeless design that will likely stay in style in high-end kitchens. If you have always been a fan of simplistic and modern kitchens but sometimes felt they could seem a bit cold, then an organic modern kitchen may be just what you are looking for. 


Deslaurier has over forty years of experience designing custom kitchens in Ottawa and Renfrew. We take pride in our industry knowledge regarding cabinet makers and suppliers across the region. Our skilled designers have crafted many custom kitchens, merging modern and organic influences, and we’re here to show you how. 


We will talk below about some tips and advice on designing your own organic modern kitchen that gets you the luxury modern kitchen design you are after.  


Table of Contents

What Defines an Organic Modern Kitchen Design?

Planning Your Organic Modern Kitchen

Embrace Natural Materials

Choose a Neutral Colour Palette

Sleek and Minimalist Design

Functionality and Kitchen Layout


Cabinet Handles


Design with Deslaurier Custom Cabinets

What Defines an Organic Modern Kitchen Design?


An organic modern kitchen is the perfect balance of nature and modern aesthetics. It includes the use of earthy influences, colours, and textures derived from the environment outside your window to create a soothing, soft, and beautiful look. 


Using tones and natural elements that are influenced by botanicals and muted so that they blend into your home rather than shout with bold statement pieces and flashy colours.


The philosophy of balancing modern aesthetics and natural elements is all about creating harmony and embracing both in a cohesive way. Using man-made and natural elements, you can combine the beauty of materials in their raw state and the imperfections found in nature. Organic modern design is the ultimate collaboration of functionality and simplicity that leaves you feeling tranquil in your space.


Using wood, stone, and natural fabrics like jute and linen in your design gives you a sense of warmth, texture, and juxtaposition that helps an organic design look effortless, sterile, or contrived.


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Planning Your Organic Modern Kitchen


Planning an organic modern kitchen can seem overwhelming if this is a new aesthetic for you or if you are not experienced in mixing materials or creating colour palettes. This is where a professional kitchen designer can be exactly what you need.


They can help you decide not only your colour palette but also what materials speak to you so that they can create design boards to show you how elements can be used in your space to give you the final look you are going for.


It is important to thoroughly plan an organic kitchen design because although you want it to have a natural flow to it, just throwing in materials and textures to your space does not necessarily mean they will work well with one another. 


Embrace Natural Materials


Natural materials like wood, stone, and concrete can be used in a myriad of ways in an organically designed kitchen. Kitchen countertops, flooring, kitchen islands, and cabinetry can be made of one or several materials, including inlays of wood and stone and finishes replicating many elements in nature. 


Think about cabinetry such as walnut or oak on a flat slab or something more simplistic such as a narrow shaker door. You can see this from the example provided below. 


Deslaurier Tailormade-4


If you’re further curious about how to make your oak cabinets look modern, check out this article


Because you are embracing a natural feel and flow to your kitchen, you can think out of the box, mixing some of your favourite traditional materials with more natural ones to bring dimensions to your space. 


White countertops with raw edge wood open shelving above it, or beautiful faucets in your favourite metal for your sink mixed with a woven fabric window covering or lighting shades, all mix beautifully together.


Your choice of cabinets can also allow you to mix in contemporary and traditional materials to help create an organic, modern design on a budget. MDF cabinets painted white mixed with preexisting oak or walnut cabinets can mix contemporary and modern cabinet doors with organic and natural.


Open wood shelving is a classic and clean way to bring natural materials into your space. Unfinished edge pieces can look almost like living art and can be a great canvas for displaying beautiful dishware and glasses. 


If you live in an older home with wood featured throughout, you can refinish it to incorporate it into the natural design you are looking to achieve. This can be done through sanding or stripping old finishes and then finishing for your desired look. Many times, the easiest and cleanest look is simply to clear the coat over the wood once stripped and sanded. Oiling is another option that can achieve a softer look. 


When you are starting to embrace more natural materials in your home, it is important to remember that this should be done cohesively throughout all your spaces. 


It will allow your home to flow seamlessly and the aesthetic to look uniform. Having an organic modern kitchen but then a traditionally decorated bedroom or bathroom may end up looking a bit clunky or disconnected.

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Choose a Neutral Colour Palette


The colour palette you choose from your kitchen is especially important. When looking to design for an organic modern kitchen aesthetic, you want to stick to neutrals and muted tones. 


Your goal is to use colours that mimic nature's calming effects and its wide different varieties of plants. Think of soft grays, warm browns, and muted greens as your best friend. 


Lattes on Trailway6


Working with a kitchen designer can be an excellent way to build the palette for your future kitchen. A designer will be able to bring together tones, colours, and textures you may not have thought to use together, and the results can be simply magical.


Sleek and Minimalist Design


Clean lines and minimalist design for your kitchen fixtures and furnishings are your best friends when it comes to an organic modern kitchen. The balance between organic elements with a modern touch makes the look more effortless. Think about using fixtures and furnishings without embellishment, ornate lighting, and cabinet hardware.


Functionality and Kitchen Layout


An efficient kitchen layout will not only improve the functionality of your space but can also help achieve the organic modern kitchen design you are looking to achieve. Open-concept kitchens have lots of space to move and work in, large islands for seating, and minimalist lines. They lend themselves to a light, airy feeling, which is exactly what you are going for. 


The key to your kitchen being both functional and beautiful is that it reflects a natural flow of movement and space.




When thinking about lighting fixtures for your organic simple modern kitchen design, you want to incorporate natural materials and avoid using too much metal that can look stiff. Woven, wood, and rattan shades and even fan blades on ceiling fans can add texture, warmth, and an organic touch to your space. 


Don't forget about the significance of natural light and outdoor views. There is nothing as organic as the view from your window and the warm light that can soften the look of a room like a kitchen where appliances can sometimes lend it a cold vibe.


Optimizing the windows in your home to let in the most light possible is key. Using blinds in lighter neutral colours that allow for maximum light to filter through the slats is a great choice, as is using sheers if you are a fan of curtains. Sheers can allow for some privacy while providing movement and light that keeps the space airy.


Cabinet Handles


If you've ever eyed a modern kitchen with handleless doors, then you know they are the epitome of sleek, minimalistic design. The simple lines of these doors are ideal to bring that organic feel to your kitchen on a larger scale. Using push-to-open mechanisms, they are both functional and beautiful.


If you want to include handles, another great option is mixing between vertical and horizontal handles with knobs. It all depends on the materials you decide to choose to make sure it looks cohesive and complements the kitchen design. 


A kitchen designer can help you pick up options that fit with your aesthetic goal, and you can see firsthand how beautiful and functional they can be.




Introducing indoor plants or herbs to bring life and a natural touch to your kitchen can be a fulfilling addition to any kitchen renovation. If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, then a countertop or window herb garden will be the perfect way to add edible greenery to your space.


Hanging or large floor plants can also bring a natural touch to your kitchen. If you worry about not having enough natural light, you can consider bringing in grow lights to supplement that. There are beautiful options available online now that look like pendants and mounted light fixtures that no one will even know are grow lights. 


If you can add windows to your kitchen remodel, this can be one of the best ways to bring life and greenery into your organic, modern kitchen. Watching the changing seasons and the wildlife outside can bring a sense of life and calm to your space, not to mention the extra natural light it will bring. 


Design with Deslaurier Custom Cabinets


We hope this article has given you a better idea of how to design a modern organic kitchen.  This type of design will be a great fit when you aim to create a tranquil vibe that permeates your space with your next kitchen renovation. 


If you need custom kitchen cabinets to achieve the organic, simple, modern kitchen design of your dreams, then working with a designer at Deslaurier is the perfect choice. 


With over 40 years of experience to our name and an outreach of over 30 dealers across Ontario, we provide our clients with a fully customized design process with our talented team of designers. When you want to add customization to your new kitchen, we are here to help you through the whole process.


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