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What to Expect For Cabinet Installation Day

The day is finally here! 


After months of designing, planning and preparing, your cabinets are scheduled to arrive. 


But what should you anticipate?


In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to expect throughout the entire Deslaurier installation process. From cabinet delivery to garbage pickup, you’ll be prepared for everything that occurs on cabinet installation day.



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By now, you will have your cabinet installation appointment scheduled.


A reminder will be sent approximately 1 week to the scheduled delivery. This reminder will also include inspection dates for the post-installation process. 


Cabinets will be delivered the day before installation. 


There should be a designated area to place the cabinets, either near the kitchen or in an adjacent room to where the cabinets will be installed. 


This area should provide ample space for all items to be stored while also allowing installers the ability to access, sort, and move cabinets comfortably during installation day.


What Can You Do to Prepare For Installation?


House Preparation


Prior to installation, you should have received and completed a site-readiness checklist. This checklist will help you prepare your home to acceptable conditions for cabinet installation. If you’re unsure of your house readiness, take a look at our article on How to Prepare For Cabinet Installation. 

Additionally, there should be no appliances in the kitchen, and no washer or dryer in the laundry room. These large appliances will take up important space that our installers need to maneuver and position your cabinets for efficient installation. 


Saw Cuts


Saws will be required for cutting any panels, mouldings or trim. These saws and tools will need to be placed indoors in an adjacent room for all necessary cuts. Our installers will require roughly 84 square feet of covered area for this. 

If there are any issues with providing the required indoor space, installers may move to a garage, or outside (weather permitting), if necessary. However, working indoors in an adjacent room will be expected protocol. 


Safety Precautions


Cabinet installation can be a hectic process. There are a lot of moving parts and potentially dangerous tools that will be on-site. Installers will be moving large cabinets around, and entering and exiting the house to make cuts or other alterations. 

An active construction zone can be a dangerous place, especially for pets or young children. Keeping loved ones away from potentially hazardous workspaces is best for their safety and the safety of our installers. 

If you are doing a renovation and still living in your home, make sure your pets and young children are safely out of the vicinity, either in another part of the house or off-site entirely. 


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Installation Process


Now the installation process can begin!  


Installers will arrive on-site between 8:00 and 9:00am. 


Installers will be provided with a design plan and will begin sorting and unwrapping cabinets for immediate installation. 


Just like the custom cabinets you selected are more complex than stock items from big box stores, the custom cabinet installation process is also more elaborate.


Our installers will begin by corresponding the unique codes of each cabinet with their correct placement in regards to the design layout. Then, they will begin installing base, upper, and island cabinets. 


Some of these cabinets will need to be fitted for plumbing and electrical requirements. Our installers will cut and drill appropriate openings in the cabinet boxes for these necessities. 


After all base, upper and island cabinets are firmly in place, aesthetic items will be installed. These include panels, necessary fillers, decorative trim and mouldings, hardware, and any laminate countertops (more on that below).


How Long Will Installation Take


At Deslaurier, we are proud to say that our installers are some of the most proficient (and efficient) in the industry. 

Installation will be completed on average between 2-3 days. Depending on the size of the home, larger projects may require an additional 1-2 days.

The installation process includes all cabinets, panels, hardware, laminate countertops, and decorative crown mouldings. 

Cabinet Hardware and Additions


When Are Cabinet Handles Installed?


Once all cabinets are properly installed in their correct locations, hardware is ready to be put on the doors. 

Cabinet hardware locations should have been established during the design process, as it is not ideal for us to return for a separate hardware installation day. 


If for any reason this was not agreed upon during that time, you can address hardware locations with your installers. 


Glass Door Cabinets 


Glass door cabinets will always arrive with the glass panels already installed if they are ordered through our design team. 


Glass cabinets are expensive and fragile and are always extensively packaged to ensure they stay protected during delivery!


Cabinets that require any lights to be cut out will be done on-site. If for some reason these alterations are not able to take place on installation day, they can be scheduled to take place several days after. 


If possible, have the puck lights on site so the installer knows the proper hole size to drill.




Stone Counters


Stone countertops such as Granite, Quartz, Quartzite and Marble, will all have to be properly measured and templated after base cabinet installation. 

A countertop specialist will arrive 1-2 days after cabinet installation in order to measure and template the base cabinets for your desired countertop selection.

Once measurements and templating has been confirmed, your new countertop will arrive for installation in roughly 10-15 business days (2-3 weeks).




Most laminate countertops will be installed during cabinet installation. 

One thing to be aware of is that miter joints on a laminate top are not waterproof. The silicone applied to the joint makes it water resistant but not fully waterproof. Water left on the miter joint may damage the particle board under the laminate making it swell and permanently damaging the countertop 

Depending on the design, sometimes laminate countertops will require templating to be done before installation. In this case, the same process and time frame for stone countertops (2-3 weeks) should be expected.  

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Finalized Installation 


Once each cabinet has been properly installed in their designated location,  the initial install process will then be finalized. 


This means that your custom kitchen has been fully installed and you can begin the post-installation process!


Some items may be damaged or missing from the initial installation. These items will be addressed during the post-installation process, which will involve your inspection, and any service work that is to be required.


For more information on everything that happens after your initial installation, read our article on what to expect for post-installation.



With numerous cuts made and so many cabinets having been unwrapped, garbage clean-up will be the final step of the installation process. 

Installers sweep up after themselves following any necessary saw-cuts, but there are no vacuums involved. This means that installers will not vacuum the inside or top of any cabinets.

For renovations or builds without a garbage bin on-site, Deslaurier provides garbage pickup services when requested. 


If garbage pickup is required, ensure that you confirm with your installer and set up a designated time for pick-up. Garbage removal will typically take place on the final day of installation or the day after.




Should We Have Finished Coats of Paint on the Walls?

No. Ideally, the last coat of paint should be left until after the cabinets are fully installed. This is because during installation there is the possibility that walls will be dinged and paint may be scuffed as a result. 


Should I Protect My Floors?

Yes. If your floors are finished and you want to ensure they are protected, it is recommended that you put protective coverings over them. Installers will not be bringing any floor covering with them. 


During delivery, temporary cardboard floor covering will be provided.


Temporary Countertops

If you are living at your home during a renovation and would like a functional countertop while you wait for your permanent selection to be installed, there is an alternative measure available.


Through Deslaurier, you can purchase a temporary melamine countertop which will provide a functional surface until your final countertop arrives for installation. 

The cost of this temporary countertop will be determined in the design process depending on the length of surface required.


What If You Need to Reschedule Delivery or Installation 

For any and all delivery or installation needs, you can reach us at 1-800-267-8815 (Option 3 then 2) or contact us via email at deliveryinstall@deslaurier.ca


Typically, rescheduling installation will postpone the initial appointment roughly 2-3 weeks from the original date. If our schedule is particularly busy, clients should be prepared for a potential 4-5 week delay.

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