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Your kitchen is more than just a space to cook and prepare food. This means that having the perfect kitchen design gives you the opportunity to do just about anything - from functionality to seating and storage solutions, it all has to be carefully considered and crafted. 

At Deslaurier, we're as passionate about your kitchen design as you are. We appreciate your unique style and are dedicated to helping you craft a kitchen that truly represents you. 

Our designs are fully customizable to suit your needs. We believe everyone should have a stunning and functional kitchen, whether it's for a new build or a remodel. Our award-winning design team will make it happen!

What to Expect: Our Kitchen Design Process

At Deslaurier, custom is what we do best. We partner with our clients to create a highly personalized and collaborative design process. No matter what you're looking for, our expert team is here to help you begin your next project with ease.

Step 1: Initial consultation 

At no cost to you, meet our team and let’s discuss what you are looking for in your custom kitchen design and/or renovation. To ensure that meeting is as useful as possible, please complete our Kitchen Planning Guide

From there, you can browse our showcase with completed custom kitchen designs and kitchen renovation projects for inspiration. 

Step 2: Layout recommendations 

Our designers will suggest ways to maximize your space and functionality while also considering your unique style and requirements. Whether it's incorporating smart storage solutions, multi-purpose features, seating for large gatherings or eco-friendly materials, our designers will collaborate with you to create a space that reflects everything you want. You can draw inspiration from current design trends and best practices throughout the process.

Step 3: Initial design sketches

Our designers will use the details in your kitchen planning guide and input from your consultation in step 1 to create a 3D design idea, making it easier for you to see how your space will look. This step ensures that every aspect of the design aligns with your expectations. 

Step 4: Detailed design plans

Once you approve the design concept, our designer will create detailed plans. These plans include product details, specifications, measurements, and pricing. We carefully document everything to ensure clarity and accuracy so you can feel confident. It is important to keep your expectations on the same level as your budget and ensure you have a clear vision for the final design. Check out our guide on how to survive kitchen renovations.

Step 5: Build and install
We take pride in having some of the most skilled custom kitchen cabinet installers in the industry. The installation covers all cabinet boxes, panels, hardware, and more. We know that investing in a custom kitchen design is a big decision for your home. That's why we focus on being transparent throughout the delivery and installation process

Step 6: Ongoing support

Our commitment to you doesn't stop once your custom kitchen is designed and installed. We're here for the long haul with a 20-year warranty on all of our products, and our attentive customer service team is ready to assist you.

Kitchen Design and Renovation Styles

There are three popular kitchen design styles to consider: modern, traditional, and transitional. Each style has its own unique features. Whether you prefer clean lines and simplicity, classic and timeless features, or a mix of both, our process considers these styles when we create the ideal custom kitchen that suits your lifestyle.



Modern kitchen designs are sleek and minimal, with clean lines and a simple colour scheme. It emphasizes open spaces and a clutter-free environment for relaxation and entertaining.

Features include frameless cabinetry, industrial materials, and plenty of negative space. Cabinets in modern kitchens have clean lines and no raised edges, giving a sleek appearance, and hardware is often long and horizontal to enhance this look.


Traditional designs are known for their intricate details and timeless appeal, showing classic elegance and sophistication. 

They feature natural elements, neutral colours, stylish light fixtures, and decorative millwork, creating a cozy atmosphere. Traditional kitchen cabinets emphasize handcrafted embellishments, such as raised or recessed panel doors, along with custom features like columns and crown moulding with hardware finishes like gold, oil-rubbed bronze, or brushed nickel.


The transitional kitchen style mixes traditional and modern elements for a balanced look. It combines warmth with simplicity, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Transitional kitchens often have sleek lines, crown moulding, subway tile backsplashes, and statement range hoods. They use natural materials like wood and stone with different textures and colours. The cabinetry is usually simple with classic shaker-style doors, and the hardware showcases matte black, gold, or silver finishes for a touch of elegance.

Components of a Kitchen Design

With custom kitchen cabinetry, you can choose from a wide range of materials and designs, ensuring both durability and sustainability. Our locally made millwork reflects our commitment to sustainability, crafted with eco-friendly practices at our Ontario facility. The main components of cabinetry to consider include cabinet drawers, cabinet boxes, cabinet doors, finishing, staining, and paint.

The countertop plays a crucial role in your kitchen's design, complementing your colour scheme, cabinets, and backsplash. It acts as a focal point, establishing the overall mood of the space. Before choosing a countertop, it is important to look beyond appearance and consider its functionality. 

Kitchen islands are often added for their blend of style and usefulness, including second sinks, additional seating and appliances. However, they're not ideal for every kitchen and come with drawbacks as well as benefits. Deslaurier has designed numerous custom kitchen islands and understands the pros and cons, which will be incorporated into the design consultation stages.

When planning your kitchen island seating, the first thing to consider is space. While single-sided seating is common, it may not be suitable for frequent family meals. Measure carefully, especially for different counter heights. There is a lot to consider when it comes to planning the best kitchen island seating focused on comfort, functionality, and style.

Ready to begin your custom kitchen design or renovation project?

Traditional, transitional, and modern are popular kitchen design styles used for renovations, serving as the basis for emerging trends. New styles like modern farmhouse, mid-century modern, industrial, boho and coastal designs bring fresh and creative approaches. Each kitchen design trend offers a distinct look and atmosphere to suit your taste and preference. 

Simply fill out our consultation request form to schedule an appointment with us. 

We provide complimentary initial consultations because we believe you should have the chance to experience the Deslaurier advantage with no obligations.

Create Your Next Kitchen With a Custom Kitchen Design



What is the difference between a modular and custom kitch design? Modular kitchens are made of pre-built units that can be customized in different ways for a personalized design. They're convenient for standard kitchen shapes and come with factory-made components like cabinets and appliances. On the other hand, custom kitchens are individually tailored to suit the homeowner's preferences, offering a wide range of options and are usually managed by professionals. Learn more.

Should I redesign or renovate my kitchen before selling? Renovating your kitchen can affect your home's value, but it's crucial to assess its condition compared to others nearby. Avoid over-renovating, which might price your home too high. Minor updates can improve aesthetics and draw in more buyers. Evaluate different renovation levels, from budget-friendly options like cabinet refacing to higher-end upgrades like adding a kitchen island. Ensure your renovation plans fit your budget, schedule, and market conditions to boost your home's selling potential. Learn more.

Can a kitchen be effectively designed within a limited space? Of course! Don't let a small kitchen space stop you because creativity can maximize potential. Strategic planning can ensure ample storage, style, and functionality despite size constraints. With expert guidance and efficient storage solutions, your small kitchen can feel more spacious and functional. We’ve won several awards for our creative small kitchen designs. 

How do I start planning for a kitchen renovation? Get in touch with a custom kitchen design expert like Deslaurier Custom Cabinets to start your project. With our extensive experience, we've been involved with numerous high-quality kitchen designs and renovation projects. Depending on your requirements, several factors must be considered, and our team is here to provide expert guidance every step of the way.

How do I know if I need a structural or cosmetic renovation?  For kitchen renovations, you'll decide between two main approaches: focusing on structural changes or cosmetic updates. Each has its own advantages and factors to consider. A cosmetic renovation enhances the appearance of your kitchen without altering its layout or structure. On the other hand, a structural renovation involves changing the fundamental layout, design, and functionality, which could include modifications like removing walls, relocating fixtures, or expanding the space. 

Are renovations completed in-house or do you work with contractors? At Deslaurier, with over 40 years of experience in custom cabinet manufacturing and kitchen design, we don't directly offer renovation services. Instead, we collaborate with contractors to help our clients achieve their dream kitchens and successful renovations.  


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