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Climbing the Ladder

Design by Darien Wilson

New builds offer the opportunity to tailor a space to the specific needs of a client, creating endless ways to transform areas of a house into a personalized and comfortable home from a blank slate.

For this incredible family, our expert designer, Darien Wilson had to go big with the kitchen design to fit both the layout and vision of her clients.


“We had a great experience at Deslaurier…Darien was beyond helpful and was there every step. From the first appointment, she was very hands-on and continued to be there for us.” - Tamara Hamod, Homeowner

“The service and detail to my client's request were met so professionally, Darien has done a great job on this project. Many thanks. ” - Andre Theriault, Contractor


The Challenge

Having a large and extraordinary kitchen space meant the design had to match its scale and tackling the ceiling height was the biggest challenge of this layout. It's not every day our team has a chance to work with such extensive dimensions, but we were determined to make the most of the entire area. 

The Game Plan 

The focus of this project was to ensure that every inch would be put to good use with functionality and appeal. The design had to be completely customized with elements that set the stage for all-black contemporary while fitting the needs of a family lifestyle.

The Result

A showstopper that left our clients speechless. 

This custom-built contemporary kitchen blended a sophisticated combination of black and white detail, a classic colour palette that transcends time. We used two grand islands, with a waterfall quartz feature complemented by a full quartz backsplash to capture a stand-out vision.

Adding a practical touch to the high ceilings, we incorporated a ladder design that seamlessly ran across the top, providing easy access to the higher upper cabinets with a functional and decorative approach. Behind discreet pantry doors, a hidden kitchen space was equipped with all of the appliances, including a full-size fridge, a 30" range, a sink, and a dishwasher. 

The final touch we incorporated was using gold accents which made the space come together against the classic colour scheme, giving it that "wow" factor our clients were looking for. The project was a huge success!

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