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Little Paradise

Design by Natasha Clement

In a smaller kitchen and dining area, every bit of space matters. The goal was not just to make the kitchen look good but also to make every corner count. The result would need to be a  purposeful redesign that emphasizes functionality and incorporates clever storage solutions. 

Recognizing the potential in overlooked areas, Deslaurier’s very own acclaimed designer, Natasha Clement came in and renovated this kitchen space to help the client’s storage challenges and maximize usage with charm.

The Challenge

The challenge in this client renovation was clear: address the intricate details of renovating confined spaces by optimizing storage and functionality. The kitchen transformation needed to blend contemporary design with enhanced practicality.

The Game Plan 

To address this kitchen renovation we had to consider every inch, highlighting that each element served a purpose in the need for an efficiently organized and visually appealing space. With the incorporation of strategic accessories, such as the trendy "magic corner," we would increase accessibility in the often overlooked and underutilized small corner areas.

With this approach, along with the expertise of Blackforest Contractor, we were able to accessorize the kitchen for fit and function, designing the cabinets and appliances around the functional elements first. Using a quartz backsplash would add a brightening elegance and visual appeal with the ease of cleaning.

The Result

A refined traditional kitchen that combined elegance with practicality. This well-designed space showcased timeless elements with high-quality materials, creating a visually appealing and functional environment.

The kitchen utilized two-toned cabinets with the top section featuring MDF-painted Alpine White cabinets paired with complimentary Oak Stained Grey Mountain at the bottom area, in addition to the classic Brookfield Shaker Door. The combination adds a touch of sophistication while creating a welcoming ambiance. Enhancing accessibility, our inclusion of the Magic Corner accessory transformed a small, tight space into a clever storage solution.

Hanstone Quartz in Calacatta Extra was featured in both the countertops and full-height backsplash. This durable and low-maintenance material not only guarantees a practical surface for meal preparation but also contributes to the kitchen's timeless style. The gas range served as a focal point, combining functionality with a classic appeal.

Natasha’s experience turned their renovation into this traditional kitchen blending classic design, premium materials, and functional features. It caters to the practical needs of a modern lifestyle while maintaining a timeless and inviting area to enjoy. 

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