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    A clean and contemporary kitchen design by Deslaurier.

    24/09/2021  • 

    Where to Buy Lighting in Ottawa

      Lighting plays a make-or-break role in a kitchen design.    If you’re starting a reno project in Ottawa, you’ll want to carefully plan your [...]

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    A kitchen design by Deslaurier

    21/09/2021  • 

    Birch vs. Maple Kitchen Cabinets

    Not sure if you should go with birch or maple for your kitchen cabinets?   Both are popular solid wood choices, so how do you decide which is better? [...]

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    A Deslaurier kitchen design.

    3/09/2021  • 

    Do I Need a Kitchen Backsplash?

    Are you debating whether or not to install a kitchen backsplash in your new kitchen?   In this article, Deslaurier Design Consultant Ashley Fong [...]

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    A Deslaurier kitchen design.

    31/08/2021  • 

    How to Decorate a Kitchen Island

    Do you want your kitchen island to be a focal point in your newly renovated kitchen?   Keep reading!   This article will show you how you can [...]

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    A Deslaurier kitchen design.

    27/08/2021  • 

    Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Designs

    Tired of housework? Minimize your kitchen-centred chores by designing an easy-to-clean kitchen.   Design Consultant Myra Flipsen gives us the inside [...]

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