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A Review of Farmhouse Sinks

You’d be surprised by how vital the right sink can be to the overall functionality of a kitchen. The perfect kitchen sink needs the right combination of utility, spaciousness, and visual aesthetic. 


There’s no better place to start looking for a new kitchen sink than with the iconic farmhouse. 


Farmhouse kitchen sinks have the versatility to provide everything desired for your kitchen. With numerous popular materials to select from, a multitude of different styles and sizes, farmhouse kitchen sinks have everything you could want in a kitchen sink. 


Moreover, the farmhouse sink style is a distinct feature of a farmhouse kitchen design.


Let’s take a look at what farmhouse kitchen sinks have to offer!


Table of Contents

What Are Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks?

Materials Available For Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks 

Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks Sizes and Styles

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Installation Methods

Cost of Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

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What Are Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks?


Farmhouse sinks are unique in that they offer their own style and require their own distinct installation method. 

A farmhouse style sink, also known as an apron sink, extends over the edge of your cabinetry with an exposed (apron) front. As the name suggests, this type of sink is most commonly used in a traditional or a rustic farmhouse style kitchen and can be designed with a single bowl or double bowl.  


They typically come in fireclay or cast iron and are incredibly durable and easy to clean due to those nonporous materials. They also are available in a number of other popular sink materials (more on that below). 


The farmhouse sink is larger and oftentimes more expensive than other sink styles due to the need for special cabinetry. A deep basin will require a special base, a modified cabinet, or a countertop in order to support the sink.


Materials Available For Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks


When it comes to kitchen sink materials, farmhouse kitchen sinks are not short on options. 


In order to ensure you get the best kitchen sinks for you and your family's needs, it is vital to explore and contrast the numerous materials available throughout the industry.


Some materials hold up better against heat or scratches, whereas others may be able to seamlessly mesh with your stone-surface countertops.


Let’s consider popular materials like stainless steel, granite composite, fireclay, copper and cast-iron. 


Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

A defining feature that makes stainless steel such a popular choice for kitchen sinks is the material's resistance to corrosion, rust, heat, and high impact. 


Regardless of the daily use or punishment you put the sink through, it won't lose its integrity or result in any material chipping off. Since bacteria and germs can't easily grow or thrive on stainless steel, the sink's smooth surface and quality finish will rarely develop odors or stains if regularly cleaned.   


Granite Composite Farmhouse Sink

It's important to know how your new sink will mesh with your countertops. If you have granite countertops, for instance, choosing a granite farmhouse sink can help create a seamless look in your kitchen.  


Granite is extremely durable and stands up to stains, scratches, and similar types of damage. With that in mind, the stone is a porous material. That means it requires regular sealing to remain in good condition.  


In fact, granite is listed as one of The Best Countertops for your Kitchen!



Fireclay Farmhouse Sink


Fireclay is one of the newest options available in the market today, and will stick around due to its superior heat resistance; it has the ability to withstand 1800-to-2200-degree Fahrenheit temperatures. 


Fireclay farmhouse kitchen sinks are made with ceramic glazing, which makes the surface stain, scratch, and chip resistant. It is also a nonporous material, which means it won’t need resealing in the future. 


Visually, fireclay’s ceramic glazing creates a glossy finish for your sink. 

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Copper Farmhouse Sink


Copper comes in hammered finish, smooth finish, or a number of patina options.


One of the most appealing factors of a copper sink is that it naturally eliminates 99.9% of bacteria. Studies have shown that copper molecules will "punch holes" in bacteria membranes, preventing their metabolisms and stopping growth. This is one asset that has led to copper being one of the most practical kitchen sink materials available.


Copper sinks are also one of the most expensive materials for a farmhouse kitchen sink. 


Porcelain Enameled Cast-Iron Farmhouse Sink


Cast iron is one of the strongest and most durable materials of any kitchen sink. While this is beneficial, it will rust when exposed to moisture (which is inevitable in the kitchen). If you want an enamel cast iron kitchen sink, it is crucial that you ensure it has been coated using porcelain enamel.  


This coating will give the sink a smooth, glossy finish, and has options available in several different colours. An enamel cast iron sink is also going to resist stains and be easy to clean.  


While the benefits are appealing, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of before purchasing this type of sink.


For example, like fireclay and granite, enamel cast iron sinks are heavy (just think how heavy one cast iron pan is). Because of this, it may be necessary to reinforce your cabinets and countertops to ensure they can support the weight of such a dense material.  


Even though the sink material is extremely durable, it will be prone to scratching or chipping if something sharp or heavy is dropped on it. If there is a chip or scratch deep enough that the cast iron is exposed, the sink material may begin to rust.  


Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Sizes and Styles


Much like the abundance of materials to choose from, farmhouse kitchen sinks are not lacking when it comes to their size and style.


While the most popular sizes for kitchen sinks are 30" or 33", standard sizes can measure between 24" to 36".  

Being one of the larger styles on the market, farmhouse sinks also offer “oversized” options that come in over 40” in length. 


There are two distinct kinds of farmhouse sinks: single basin (bowl) and double basin. Single basin farmhouse sinks are more readily available in all different sizes. 


Double basin farmhouses, on the other hand, are reserved for larger lengths. You’d be hard pressed to find a double basin farmhouse kitchen sink under 30”. 

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Single Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

As made clear by the name, the defining feature of single basin farmhouse sinks is that they offer one large, single bowl with no divider. 


With various widths ideal for both spacious and limited kitchens, single-basin sinks offer the best value and most common configuration, requiring less plumbing and lending convenience to the installation process. 


Larger single basin sinks are ideal for handwashing dishes or cooking supplies, as they can accommodate large pots, pans, or platters that must be soaked before scrubbing. 



Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

The double basin has become a wildly popular kitchen sink option in recent decades, as sinks with two bowls are preferred for their multifunctionality. 


Multi-basin sinks have the option to use one section for hot water washing and the other for cold water rinsing; one to soak tough pots and pans while simultaneously allowing the other basin to be available for routine function.  


Double-basin farmhouse kitchen sinks can also come with a low middle divider between each basin. 


The double-basin, low-divide sink is one of the most practical double-basin sink designs. As opposed to traditional double basins, where a high partition fully separates each bowl, a low-divider can accommodate pots with long handles (like large single basin sinks) while still offering the added benefits of two basins.   


Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Installation Styles


There are also different styles when it comes to installation. Farmhouse sinks can be installed as a top mount, undermount, or flush. 


Top mount, as for any other kitchen sink, is the easiest installation method for farmhouse sinks. The sink slides into a hole in the countertop, with the edge of the rim holding it in position. 


Undermount sinks eliminate the rim or lip at the top and can be used with solid-surface countertops such as granite or quartz. 


Because countertop debris can easily be brushed into the sink, undermount sinks look sleeker and are easier to clean than a traditional top mount. 


A flush installation will have the sink sitting evenly with the countertop. Like undermount, flush is typically utilized with a solid-surface countertop, but it is also possible to install a flush farmhouse sink with a custom made laminate surface. 

Cost Of Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks


The cost of a farmhouse sink will vary due to factors listed above such as the chosen material, the style, and of course the size. 


Because of the extra material involved in the partition, as well as two drains requiring additional plumbing, double basin sinks will cost more than single basins.


The primary driving force behind price fluctuation is material. The difference between going from a stainless steel to a copper farmhouse sink is significant. 


Even if the stainless steel is a high-end selection, the same copper alternative can oftentimes come in at double the price. 



Low Range 

Average Range 

High-End Range 

Stainless Steel 



$2000.00 and higher 

Granite Composite 



$2000.00 and higher 




$2500.00 and higher 




$3500.00 and higher 




$2000.00 and higher 

Cost of Farmhouse Sink Installation

According to Home Advisor, the average cost of a kitchen sink installation ranges from $200.00 to $600.00 and can even climb into the thousands of dollars, depending on fixtures, style, and any extra plumbing that is required. 


Farmhouse sinks will generally cost more to install than traditional top-mount and drop-ins, as they necessitate more in-depth installation methods. 


Double basin sinks with multiple drains, or sinks with additional fixtures like built in soap dispensers will require additional plumbing and labour, which will increase the price of installation.


All things considered, expect to pay roughly $400.00 for a standard kitchen sink installation.

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