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The Top 6 Kitchen Countertop Suppliers in Ottawa for Builders

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There might not be a more eye-catching kitchen feature than the countertops. With so many stunning natural stones or beautifully engineered products to choose from, finding the right surface for your kitchen can be an overwhelming task. 


If you're a Builder or Contractor in the Ottawa area, you're going to want to read this article! 


At Deslaurier Custom Cabinets, we specialize in high-quality custom cabinetry solutions that look great and perform even better. In doing so, we know how important it is for Builders and Contractors to have a quality countertop supplier providing selections for their clients' kitchens. 


While we do provide our own laminate countertops, we partner with reputable local countertop suppliers in Ottawa, like Urban Quarry, to ensure our clients have a vast selection of stone surfaces that will integrate perfectly within their dream kitchen. 


With that, let’s take a look at 6 of the best countertop suppliers in the Ottawa region!


Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  1. TGI Quartz and Granite
  2. Urban Quarry
  3. Capital StoneWorks
  4. Granstone 
  5. Urban Quartz and Granite
  6. Vesta Marble

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1. TGI Quartz and Granite


TGI Quartz and Granite is a family-owned and operated company in Ottawa that provides custom stone fabrication for countertops, vanities, and fireplaces. They also offer tile flooring, backsplashes, sinks, and faucets. 


Their countertop selection consists of granite, quartz, marble, quartzite, and an impressive collection of dekton surfaces. 


TGI Quartz and Granite have over 400+ stone slabs on-hand for customers to peruse in their two indoor showrooms in Ottawa. 



TGI Quartz and Granite hold a 4.9-star Google rating from 269 reviews, at the time of publication. 

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2. Urban Quarry 


Originally established in 1986 under “Marble Unlimited,” the Ottawa-based company has grown a lot after 30 years. In fact, the company had a name change to Urban Quarry in 2009.


Now, Urban Quarry provides countertop and stone sink fabrication for Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec with their 45,000 sq. ft. showroom and multiple local dealers across the region. 


They partner with prominent brands like Cambria, Cosentino, Caesarstone, and HanStone, to furbish their catalogue with varieties of quartz, granite, marble, quartzite, and many other natural stones. They also offer a supply of butcher block surfaces all the way from Alberta. 



Urban Quarry holds a 4.2-star Google rating from 13 reviews, at the time of publication. 


3. Capital StoneWorks


Capital StoneWorks is a stone and cabinet company that offers full kitchen renovations, countertops, cabinets, tile, sinks, and more. 


Their catalogue includes a plethora of granite, quartz, and marble countertops, as well as a selection of backsplash and flooring tile to pair with them. 


Capital StoneWorks has two locations, with stores in Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario. 



Capital StoneWorks sports a 4.2 Google rating from 38 reviews. 

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4. Granstone 


Granstone is an Ottawa-based kitchen renovation and stone countertop supplier. They provide stone fabrication for countertops, backsplashes, and fireplace faces. They even have their own in-house electricians for any electrical services. 


Their website contains a “Kitchen Visualizer” tool that you can use to mix and match different design combinations for countertops and backsplash from the comfort of your home.


Granstone’s countertop offerings include various selections in quartz, granite, marble, soapstone, quartzite, and dekton. 



Granstone carries a 4.8-star Google rating from 162 reviews. 


5. Urban Quartz and Granite


Urban Quartz and Granite are an Ottawa-based countertop and stone fabricator company, with a focus on quartz, granite, and marble. 


They provide over 200+ colours and patterns to choose from, while also offering a selection of granite stone sinks. They even offer custom projects like stone staircases. 



Urban Quartz and Granite carry a 4.3-star Google rating from 25 total reviews. 


6. Vesta Marble


For over 30 years, Vesta Marble has provided the National Capital region with stone surfaces, tile flooring & backsplash, and sinks & faucets.


Their selection of stone countertops includes granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, and exotic slabs. You can walk through their showroom yourself and select a slab that is ready to be custom fabricated.



Vesta Marble ensures a commitment to sustainability. If you’re looking for environmentally friendly practices, they utilize recycled water processes, energy-efficient machinery, and donate scrap stone cutoffs for local projects. 


At the time of publication, Vesta Marble held a 4.0 Google rating from 68 reviews.


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We bring 60+ years of experience to the table and partner with a vast network of premier countertop suppliers. The result? We consistently leave a long trail of customized, high-performance kitchens in our path.


We provide our clients with a fully customized design process with our talented team of designers. Book a free consultation with a Deslaurier kitchen expert at our Ottawa showroom!


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